WINGS FOR PHILOMEL by Tabitha Hayward

Directed by Yuyu Wang

Starring Ianthe Bathurst, Eboni Dixon, Joseph Dewey

Wings for Philomel is inspired by the myth of Philomel from Ovid's Metamorphoses. Wings for Philomel transplants this story into a modern setting, with three university friends and a drunken night gone wrong, to explore contemporary issues of consent, sexual assault and the difficulty of telling these stories.

Tabby read English at the University of Oxford, where she began writing plays and poetry. Her first play, an adaptation of Tennyson's poem, Maud, was produced at the Burton Taylor Studio in Oxford in 2016 and she has had writing published in The Missing Slate, The Oxford Magazine and The ISIS. Wings for Philomel is her first play to be produced in London and she is thrilled to be a part of Swings and Roundabouts' new writing night!